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Barbados is an independent English-speaking
Commonwealth country with a dynamic economy.

Barbados remains committed to the implementation of global tax standards and is one of the first countries in the Caribbean to converge its local and international tax rates, making its tax system globally competitive, while bringing the country in line
with the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Initiative.

This became effective 1 January 2019 and by implementing the new regime, Barbados has fulfilled its commitment to be fully compliant with the BEPS
Action 5 addressing harmful tax practices.

Barbados is not on the EU or OECD blacklist.

Barbados is the most easterly of the Caribbean islands situated approximately 1,600 miles south east of Miami, with an area of 166 square miles and a population of 285,000.

01  Stability

Barbados has a long history of political, social and economic stability.

02  Reputation

Barbados has fared well from the increased scrutiny and regulation of financial services by international organizations such as the OECD which has determined that its regulations and tax and other bilateral treaties work effectively to provide adequate transparency and exchange of information to its trading partners. It has built a reputation as an appropriately regulated jurisdiction built on a tradition of transparency.

03  Workforce

A well-educated and skilled workforce, as well as a developed
infrastructure and telecommunications system provide
significant benefits to international corporations and

04  Competitive

Barbados Company formation is cost competitive and fast.
The cost of doing business in Barbados is less expensive than
in many other international jurisdictions.

Barbados has differentiated itself from its competitors as a leading financial centre offering the following unique advantages.

DGM Financial Group has successfully secured an increasing number of Special Entry permits for our clients.

05  Barbados Residency
Program & Special
Entry Permits

Barbados Immigration will grant to suitably qualified High Net Worth Persons and retired persons and their dependents indefinite Special Entry Permits, or a 5 year Stay and Reside Permit together with annual and/or indefinite work permits (subject to certain requirements).
These permits allow suitably qualified non-nationals the right to live, work and retire in Barbados and to visit the island often and stay for extended periods of time.
Under the non-dom program, individuals can become tax resident in Barbados and therefore subject to a very favorable tax regime including maintaining foreign currency accounts which are exempted from exchange controls. There are no restrictions on the ownership of real estate by foreign nationals and no permits or licenses are required for the acquisition of real estate.
An enviable and unparalleled lifestyle, great beaches, wonderful restaurants and outdoor pursuits to enjoy together with tax efficient retirement planning options provide an attractive domicile for individuals wishing to relocate.

06  Attractive tax rate

Barbados legislation provides attractive tax concessions and incentives. Companies are taxed on a sliding scale from 5.5% to 1% depending on their profit. Companies that earn 100% of their profits in foreign exchange are entitled to a Foreign Currency Permit which entitles them to very attractive tax exemptions.

07  Tax treaty network

Barbados has a well-developed tax treaty network which can provide attractive tax concessions and incentives and can eliminate double taxation. The Barbados Government is committed to expanding its Treaty Network and has successfully negotiated a significant and growing number of Double Taxation Agreements, Bilateral Investment Treaties, and Tax Information Exchange Agreements.

Barbados has an expanding international tax treaty network.


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